Integrity. Transparency. Simplicity.

We stand by our virtues; our work stands testament to what we believe.

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At Bjeweled, instead of trying to sell our clients merchandise, we act as partners in process and design. We find when merchandise is owned by a business there is an unsaid bias or inclination towards said product. Businesses will typically push their product over their competitors's, leaving the customers best interest out of mind. In the jewelry industry, this relates to businesses selling diamonds owned in house over diamonds owned by competitors; for their profit, at your expense. With that being said, we carry no merchandise, meaning we have no alternative motives, and have only one thing in mind: Your satisfaction. We work side by side with our customers, and work tirelessly to create a perfect reflection of the customers desires, because you are our number one priority. We believe integrity is the most important pillar of business, and it is because of our strong morals and honesty our customers find us to be so much more than a jewelry store, we are a family.

The enigma of the jewelry industry is pricing, and many businesses capitalize on the lack of clarity, to profit with invisible margins at your expense. We take the confusion out of diamond pricing and show our customers diamonds at true cost. Based on the customers desires, we can tailor a variety of stones to pick from. Similar to a stock broker executing a trade, you tell us what you want, we advise on value and weigh options, and find the best possible fit. We will discuss what is most important to you in regards to cut, clarity, color, carat weight, and price, and go find the diamond or gemstone which most closely meets your standards, at the best value. The entire process, from finding a gemstone, to creating your own unique piece of wearable art will be completely transparent.  We develop a personal relationship with each and every one of our customers through open and honest dialogue and candor in transaction. We treat our customers as family, and by choosing us, we vow to give you nothing but our best at all times.

At the end of the day, jewelry is a means of making your thoughts and desires tangible, in a statement of love like no other. We want nothing more than to be an advocate in process: offer the finest quality, at the best value, with a enjoyable and simple process.  

Our customers are our family and all the hard work put into each and every piece of jewelry is a thank you for letting us be a part of your journey through life and love.